Public School Biker Jacket

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Public School Biker Jacket

Be warm and stylish with this biker jacket from public school clothing. The jacket is white in color, making it stand out no matter which outfit you decide to combine it with. You can also use the white color to your advantage to brighten an otherwise dull outfit.

The biker jacket is made from polished French terry material. The polished material gives the jacket a smooth and elegant look. The material is also soft and comfortable to the fell, a quality that you are not able to achieve with a leather jacket since leather tends to be stiff. The biker jacket is unlined, making it light enough to wear on a day when the weather is not cold enough to warrant heavy jackets.

It is still warm enough to keep you warm, a quality that makes this jacket ideal to wear for a stroll on a slightly chilly summer afternoon.

The jacket from public school clothing fits like a glove, making it ideal for a day when you feel like showing off your curves. It falls just above the hips, so that dress that accentuates your beautiful figure will not be hidden under the jacket. The jacket is also ideal for wearing with a pair of fitting jeans and a long top.

Public School Biker Jacket

This jacket features a two-pointed collar that adds a bold twist to the classic jacket shape. Two buttons at the end of each point of the two-pointed collar add detail to this public school clothing jacket, making it look stylish and sophisticated. A line of an unfinished zipper runs on the left front side of the jacket, further adding to the look of a piece that was made with detail in mind. On the right side of the jacket is a side pocket with a zipper, where you can keep some change. The jacket also has a zipper, so you can either wear it open or close the zipper.

The choice is yours.

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